“I originally came in with chronic fatigue and several other symptoms that I thought were unrelated. Very happy with Dr. Rathod. She uncovered a genetic condition that I had no idea about, and now I’m way better. This is the future of wellness and I’m so glad it’s in St. Louis.”


“The team at PALM takes time to understand who you are and crafts a cohesive plan to help you achieve your greatest health and well-being. If you truly want the best and cutting-edge care for your whole self, PALM is the place to be. I simply love it here!”

JEN P., MARCH 2018

“The personal attentiveness of the doctors and staff is unparalleled, but the real magic comes from the integration of all mind and body and what this means for healthy living. I believe this will add years to my life and improve the quality of it as well. Thank you, PALM!”


“The functional medicine doctors here are all top-notch professionals with decades of experience. My personal doctor, Basima Williams, was beyond caring, insightful, and knowledgeable. I’ve never had a doctor care so much and spend so much time with me, and she actually listens to me too. I’m on my way towards getting healthy! So thankful!”


“The doctors are so caring, informative, and truly focused on your health and well-being, which I find to be very unique. They really take the time to listen and attempt to get to the bottom of your unique health issues. I have not found a total health and wellness setting like this before. It is definitely a step above the rest!”

ELLEN F., MAY 2018
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