COVID-19 Vaccines at PALM Health

Dear PALM Members and St. Louis Community,

I’m writing to give you an update on COVID-19 vaccine access at PALM Health, and to clarify some of the options that will soon be available to PALM members.

PALM has been approved to administer the vaccine, and we are eagerly awaiting news as to when we will receive it. Once we do, we will offer it to PALM members who meet the requirements of each phase of the rollout. For more information on the phases of vaccine rollout, please refer to the State of Missouri planned phases.

If you would like to receive the vaccine at PALM, please pre-register here. We will then notify you by email when we have the vaccine available for you.

As the vaccine becomes available to the public at various locations in St. Louis, it is most important to us that you take the opportunity that best suits you. For example, we know that BJC will be offering the vaccine to the general public, and they may receive it before PALM does.

Therefore, if it is important to you to take the first opportunity that you receive, we encourage you to also pre-register in the BJC system. For your convenience, here is BJC’s link to pre-register.

If you have further questions, please review the Vaccine FAQ on PALM’s website, which has many helpful details.

It is our pleasure to serve you, and we will continue to keep you informed. Please make sure you pre-register at PALM, and we will proactively reach out to you to offer you the vaccine at our earliest possibility.

Yours in health,


Sita Kedia, MD, MPH, FAHS
Chief Medical Officer  |  PALM Health
9160 Clayton Road, Ladue, Missouri 63124
p: 314-801-8898  |