“I had almost lost hope of ever feeling normal.”

“Before the InSight Assessment, I thought I would always feel burned out, on the verge of tears, and completely overwhelmed on a daily basis. This assessment gave me hope that my stress can get better. I have the tools now to manage my workload and responsibilities, and I am actually starting to enjoy my life again!”

– Becky R. · St. Louis, MO

Gain Clarity into Your Mental Health

Are you feeling stuck? Finding yourself in a period of transition? Life can feel stressful and overwhelming at times, and you may not know how to move forward. If you’re feeling overloaded or burned out, it may be time to delve deeper into your mental health to reclaim your well-being.

InSight is a two-week mindfulness-based experience to help you learn more about yourself, your ability to manage stress, and your current lifestyle choices that may be interfering with your resilience to life’s challenges. You will gain more self-awareness and knowledge of what builds well-being and have clear, actionable steps to work on your personal stress management goals.

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What’s Included

  • Three appointments with experts to connect your mental, emotional, and physical health:
    • Virtual Mental Health Initial Visit with psychiatrist Dr. Nigel Lester to take a deeper dive into the roots of your psychology and mental health.
    • Counseling session with licensed counselor Julie Geeting to make connections between situations that bring you stress and get emotional support.
    • Functional Wellness Consult with nurse practitioner Sarah Bird to assess your stress from the perspective of your physiological health and integrate healthier lifestyle habits.
  • A comprehensive personality assessment: Complete the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) personality assessment and review what your unique root causes of stress may be as well as areas of your personality you can strengthen and lean on for resilience.
  • Tools for in-the-moment stress management: Learn the Cardiac Coherence breathing technique with a well-being coach to calm your parasympathetic nervous system in moments of high stress. Plus, explore options to add on Vitality Services like cryotherapy that work to treat the manifestations of stress in your body.
  • Consistent support: You won’t be alone — check in with your program coordinator and providers regularly throughout the program to track progress and stay accountable.
  • Helpful resources: Receive a binder with educational materials, worksheets, and other tools to help you continue learning about and planning for stress management.
  • A plan for the future: Review the findings of your InSight assessment, discuss your experience, and make a plan to stay on track post-InSight with a licensed counselor.

How It Works

You’ll discuss your health goals with a Navigator to see if this assessment is a good fit. Once you’re ready to commit, we’ll get you signed up with a start date that works for you.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll meet virtually with our psychiatrist and Director of Mental Health for an initial mental health visit, have a counseling session with our counselor, and work with a Well-Being Coach to understand your personality and obstacles to change.

We’ll teach you the tools you need to be successful in managing your stress, such as cardiac coherence breathing techniques. You’ll also consult with our Nurse Practitioner to get customized wellness plans and recommendations.

We will review the findings from your assessments with you and give you clear, actionable steps to work on your personal stress management goals.

You and the InSight team will plan for post-program success so you can continue practicing the healthy behaviors and mindfulness techniques you’ve learned after the two-week experience is over.

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PALM Health was voted #1 in Preventive Health services in the 2021 Ladue News Platinum List awards and was a finalist in Medical Weight Loss in the 2022 St. Louis Magazine A-List Reader’s Choice awards.

With over 1,900 satisfied members, since 2016 we have continued to help individuals reach well-being.

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What to Do Next

Find out if the InSight assessment is the best fit for you. Connect with a Navigator or call 314-801-8898 option 0 to learn more about the experience.


Meet Your Program Team

Nigel Lester

Dr. Nigel Lester, Psychiatrist and Director of Mental Health

“It can be difficult to feel balanced and content in today’s world. With so many global challenges like the pandemic, international conflict, environmental problems, and others, many of us are experiencing much greater levels of stress. One of the keys to managing this is to achieve greater insight into the sources of stress in our lives, which often evade us. This assessment will help give you that insight, and then you’ll work with our team to formulate a plan that will address the root causes of your stress.”

Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner

“At PALM Health, we know that in order to address health and well-being we have to consider all aspects of the person — mind, body, and spirit. In the InSight program, I partner with individuals to examine how imbalances in the body may affect stress. For example, gut health and the microbiome, nutrition, sleep, and exercise all play important roles in promoting resilience and positive mental health.”

Julie Geeting

Julie Geeting, Coach and Counselor

“InSight is an opportunity to discover what gives strength to your mental and emotional health, which is deeply intertwined with your physical health and sense of connection and purpose. This two-week assessment offers individuals an opportunity to experience the whole-person, integrative approach PALM is known for and the chance to begin to understand what they want and need to feel better.”

Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis, Well-Being Coach and Counselor

“A key component of stress management is self-understanding, because stress arises when we get trapped in old thoughts and lifestyle patterns that keep us from fluidly doing what makes us truly happy. With InSight, we help you deepen your understanding of both what makes you happy and what is blocking you. We will also help you determine which tools and methods will best help you strengthen your capacity to move towards your goals after the program.”

Certified by National Organizations

Our team of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, coaches, and wellness specialists have decades of experience, extensive education, and multiple degrees from organizations such as the Institute for Functional Medicine, the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, and Anthropedia.

What to Do Next

Find out if the InSight assessment is the best fit for you. Connect with a Navigator or call 314-801-8898 option 0 to learn more about the experience.

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