Julie Geeting

Julie Geeting, LPC, NBC-HWC


Julie specializes in an integrated approach to therapy and coaching, with a special interest in the role of increasing well-being, purpose, and awareness to improve overall mental and physical health. As a coach, Julie uses the Anthropedia model, which uses an evidence-based, educational curriculum to help individuals build fundamentals for mental and emotional health, as well as increased awareness and well-being. Clients who choose to work with Julie will learn more about the role of personality in mental health through personality assessment, and may also choose to explore the mind-body connection, cognitive tools like ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and goal-setting for improved emotional health and contentment. Her training as a counselor and coach is enhanced by career experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, giving Julie a unique understanding of the challenges individuals face today.


Individual Therapy/Counseling, Personality Assessment, Well-Being Coaching, Treatment of Depression and Anxiety


Therapeutic Lifestyle Interventions, Mind-Body Approach to Therapy, Spiritual Components of Mental Health (including Meaning, Purpose)