brent haddock

Brent Haddock, CPT


Brent’s journey through fitness has been lifelong and one defined by constant oscillation between the roles of student, teacher, and practitioner. He graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Health and Wellness. His time as a college student was spent studying the intricacies of human physiology as well as the practicalities of various exercise techniques. This period of his life was also spent working full-time as a personal trainer with the intent of getting a head start on his professional development and business acumen. This experience in his early twenties was indispensable and allowed him to begin his growth early within the field.

After graduation and returning to St. Louis, Brent continued his work as a Personal Trainer and through sharing his knowledge with others, he was able to continue to refine both his ability to convey the message of strength and his own practice. After four years in St. Louis, Brent moved to China where he lived and studied full-time for one year under a master of Kung fu, Taichi, and Qigong with the aim of developing his ability to share particularly Taichi and Qigong with the West. After two years in China, Brent traveled to India to study yoga and received his RYT 200-hour certification to teach yoga. These two experiences would come to be some of the most humbling, challenging, and eye-opening of his life and their influence on him as a person and professional remain profound to this day.

As a trainer, Brent sees it as both his calling and privilege to share and encourage his clients’ vision of health and happiness and act as a guide who can streamline their path, while simultaneously clearing the way of unnecessary obstacles and pitfalls, that they may traverse this life with confidence and live it at the highest possible quality.


Personal Training, Strength Training, Yoga


Fitness, Yoga, Kung fu, Taichi, and Qigong